Monday, December 31, 2007

Dec 2007

To tell about the activities of this month, I am just going to post a lot of pics... A little lazy of me, but I know the grandparents will enjoy it:)
Here's Kayla trying out momma's shoes.

And Hailey, who has these gorgeous deep blue eyes. Charlie's are straight green and Kayla has a bit of a mix along with some gold specks.
Kayla is becoming facinated with undressing the twins. Hopefully this won't happen in public too often:)
Oops, bad mom, didn't get Kayla to naptime soon enough.

Nick and I have wondered how Kayla would take to snow. It's been kindof hit and miss. This time was definately a miss! "What is this strange stuff on my hands??"

We had a fabulous Christmas this year. The kids all got matching pjs. And Kayla got her first little kitchen from Grandma and Grandpa Roberts. She absolutely loved it.

Another present Kayla got was boy/girl twin baby dolls. She has been so sweet with them and imitates everything I do with Charlie and Hailey. Even down to joining us with tummy time.

One of many"twin moments"...
Oops again.