Sunday, January 1, 2012

Campbell Clan year 2011 highlights

This year has been a good one for our family:) Lots of small kids running around crazy! The kids are growing up fast and we are discovering new quirks about their personalities all the time. It is wonderful.

Zach, aka: Monster Baby, is now almost 16 months and is best friends with his older brother. And Hailey is discovering her "Yoko Ono" side.

Nick has been great about teaching the kids all about baseball skills, while Zach tries to eat us out of house and home and makes a huge mess in the process; however, Nick is not planning on a Major League Baseball player to provide his retirement.  

  We have had so much fun this summer with movies, sleepovers, hundreds of popsicles, swimming and camping.

When the summer was over the kids were excited to start their new school years. Charlie and Hailey started their second year of preschool while Kayla began the new adventure of kindergarten.  Kayla has been loving her school and all that she's learning.  

Halloween this year was so so fun. Charlie got his wish to be Batman, the girls were princesses and Nat was a  butterfly. Zach was adorable as Nemo.
Happy New Years to everyone! Thanks again to all our family and friends. You mean the world to us and help us more than you know.